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Blacklusion Pager

What is Blacklusion Pager?

Blacklusion Pager is an external monitoring system that alarms active block producers on the WAX Mainnet or Testnet when any part of their infrastructure goes down. This includes either the producer node missing blocks or one of their endpoints (API, History etc.) that stopped working correctly. In these cases, Blacklusion Pager will notify the block producer via multiple channels.

Who is Blacklusion Pager for?

Both new guilds as well as established guilds can benefit from the Blacklusion Pager. When new guilds set up their infrastructure, they may decide to develop or setup a monitoring system at a later point in time. The easy setup of the Blacklusion Pager helps new guilds to already have a monitoring system, as early as they reg their producer.

Established guilds can also benefit from the Blacklusion Pager even though they may already have an internal monitoring system setup on their server(s). There are times of a power outage, network failure, or monitoring system failure. In these cases, a backup monitoring system is helpful, that is not located on their server. Hence the Blacklusion Pager is not only monitoring downtime or missed blocks but also misconfiguration, it can be a good complement to an existing monitoring system.

How does Blacklusion Pager work?

Each block producer will have to sign up for this service in order to supply us with the needed information, such as phone number and/or Telegram chat-ID.

Regularly the endpoints of the registered users will be checked. Similar checks to those of the EOS Nation validator will be performed from our servers. If we recognize a problem, the user will be notified via telegram and/or email (depending on their choice). Additionally, their producer will be monitored. If a missed block is recognized, the user will be contacted via their preferred method (including phone calls).

The monitoring system will be deployed across at least 2 of Blacklusions servers (in two different datacenters from two different hosting companies) via Kubernetes. This ensures, that the system stays active even in the event of a server failure.

It is planned to offer this service completely free of charge. All telegram messages and emails will stay free forever. We hope we don’t have to charge anything for phone calls, and we won’t charge anything, as long as the accumulated costs (we have to pay to make the phone calls) are below a certain threshold.

Road Map

June – July  –  Development of a first Version

August –   Deployment across Kubernetes Cluster and finalizing code/fixing issues

Start of September –   Launch

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